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International Teachers

Lead Teacher Trainer Level 1 & 2. Founder of Aquarian Teachers.

GuruJivan studied directly under Yogi Bhajan, the Master of Kundalini Yoga, and has been teaching for the past 40 years. She spends much of each year guiding new students and mentoring new teachers so that more and more people will have the benefit of this magnificent technology

in their lives. GuruJivan is humbled by the opportunity to share this technology with so many people from around the world, leading workshops, retreats and Teacher Training. Always trusting in the technology of Kundalini yoga and keeping the teachings in their purest form as taught by Yogi Bhajan. GuruJivan respects each person’s individuality and encourages students to pursue their own goals during practice while maintaining the highest level in teaching and the practice of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, the Master of Kundalini Yoga.
Hari Charan Kaur                 Lead Teacher Trainer Level 1, 2 & 3

I am the KRI Director of outreach through the Reach Out Teach Out Program. I travel Internationally assisting Teachers and Trainers to bring Kundalinii Yoga and Teacher Training to underserved locations. I have a commitment to serve our future generations of Kundalini Yoga Teachers and serve Miri Piri Academy.

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GuruJivan is humbled by the opportunity to share this technology with so many people from around the world, leading workshops, retreats and Teacher Training. Always trusting in the technology of Kundalini yoga and keeping the teachings in their purest form as taught by Yogi Bhajan. GuruJivan respects each person’s individuality and encourages students to pursue their own goals during practice while maintaining the highest level in teaching and the practice of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, the Master of Kundalini Yoga.
Sat Sarbat & Satmukh
Founders of AJAI ALAI ASIA, Teacher Trainers Level 1 & 2, and Numerologists

After their marriage in 2012, Sat Sarbat & Satmukh founded Ajai Alai Asia (www.3aaa.asia), a new school based in Linyi, China, which is part of the current expansion and incorporates their new programs. By continuing to expand on their knowledge and experiences in

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their respective areas of interest, Sat Sarbat and Satmukh support, inspire and teach each other about their new discoveries in the fields of healing and consciousness. They share a common goal to build strong communities where people may support and inspire each other in the quest for healing, growth and conscious living. Sat Sarbat discovered Kundalini Yoga in 1999 and was deeply touched by the Yogi Bhajan, the Sikh Master who brought the teachings to the west, when she met him in 2001. Since then she has been teaching Kundalini Yoga and is a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher trainer. She has also expanded her knowledge base to include specialised training in Sat Nam Rasayan Healing, Tantric Numerology, Conscious Pregnancy and Children’s Yoga. Sat Sarbat is currently a certified Kundalini Yoga Lead Trainer and offers Level 1 and 2 trainings in several countries across the world including Asia, Australia and Europe. She also offers SunChild teacher training, a programme she created for teaching yoga to children. Passionate about numerology, Sat Sarbat offers private numerology consultations and special workshops about the study and practice of Tantric Numerology. Sat Sarbat has also undertaken in-depth studies of several other techniques to support her teacher training, including: Gurdjieff movements – an exceptional tool for developing presence and awareness; Certification as a grief recovery specialist, recognized by the Grief Recovery Institute of New York; Tarot reading; Shamanic Ecstatic Postures’ work by Felicitas Goodman; The Journey – healing work by Brandon Bay; Bert Hellinger’s family constellations (continuing); and Archetypes – Symbolon’s system by Peter Orban (continuing). Satmukh Singh is a Kundalini Yoga teacher and trainer, as well as a certified Ashtanga yoga teacher. He travels regularly between Europe and Asia to facilitate a range of Kundalini Yoga workshops, including Kundalini Yoga teacher training Levels 1 & 2 in China, Austria / France and Australia. He is also qualified to teach Kundalini Yoga to Children and teaches in the teacher training SunChild developed by AAA. Drawn to teachings experienced in a community environment, Satmukh initiated the Kundalini Yoga Festival in China four years ago and continues to organise it.  He is very engaged in coordinating the translation of Yogi Bhajan’s teaching materials into Chinese and supervising other activities to develop the teachings and the community in China. Satmukh has also been inspired by other spiritual practices and techniques including Gurdjieff Movements, Tantric Numerology, Non-Violent Communication, Shamanic Ecstatic Postures, Tarot, and healing tools such as Brandon Bay’s Journey and Psychogenealogy. Satmukh is interested in creative ways to deliver Yogi Bhajan’s teachings.  One of his priorities is to keep the teachings alive and to meet the needs of today by constantly searching and learning.  His healing work integrates most of these tools.
Tarn Taran Singh
Executive Director of the Aquarian Trainer Academy & Teacher Trainer Level 1 & 2

Tarn Taran Singh became a student of Yogi Bhajan in 1972. He is currently the Executive Director of the Aquarian Trainer Academy, the training academy for creating Kundalini Yoga Teacher Trainers. He will be taking role of Lead Trainer in the upcoming ICKY trainings in Australia.

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http://www.KundaliniResearchInstitute.org Teaching, training teachers and practicing Kundalini Yoga for 40 years in USA, Europe and Latin America. Founder of 3HO Germany, European Yogi Tea Company, the 3HO European Yoga Festival and first European Teacher Training program.

Australian Teachers

Balwant Kaur               Kundalini Yoga Teacher & Lead Teacher Trainer

Balwant Kaur has been teaching Kundalini Yoga for over a decade. She is a Lead Trainer and works on teacher training teams in Australia and Bali. She comes from a corporate background, having worked in the IT industry for approximately 20 years. She believes that we have lost our connection with

Chocolate Yoga
Shaa & Sjha’ra Taylor
Synergists of Kundalini Yoga and Cacao Ceremony

Shaa & Sjha’ra Taylor have apprenticed and worked with Yogis, Shamans, Guru’s and Priestesses from around the world for nearly two decades. Both are certified Kundalini Yoga Instructors (as taught by Yogi Bhajan), and share a passion for Sacred Ceremony, Kundalini 

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Yoga and the holy of holies; Chocolate! Since their first meeting as partners at Australia’s first ever White Tantra they have continued the journey together, bringing their twin flame connection into their work. Shaa & Sjha’ra have been working directly with the cacao deva, the Mayan lineage & the Chocolate Shaman for more than 7 years and have been leading authentic ceremonies under their guidance. Together they alchemically merged passions and birthed Chocolate Yoga, their divine and unique synergy of Cacao Ceremony and Kundalini Yoga. Chocolate Yoga is honoured to be the source for bringing ceremonial grade Sacred Mayan Cacao to Australia, connecting so many people to the profound possibilities of Cacao Ceremony as well as introducing so many beings to the powerful technology of Kundalini Yoga.
Devpreet Kaur
Kundalini Yoga Teacher & Teacher Trainer
President of KYC and KYFA

Devpreet discovered kundalini on a trip to Canada, and was immediately hooked by it transformational powers, it was like the world had been removed from her shoulders. When a friend stumbled upon it in Sydney, she knew it was destiny and thus began 

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her journey to learn more about the teachings, become a teacher and share her passion of the kundalini with the community. She believes deeply in the healing qualities of kundalini Yoga and how accessible it can be for all. To put that hope into action she is the founding member and creator of the first ever not for profit, Kundalini Yoga Collective, which makes the teachings affordable and accessible but also is strongly focused on building a community of teachers who come together with the one common purpose to serve. Devpreet is also the organiser of the Ajai Alai Asia trainings in Australia, a level 2 teacher and a Teacher Trainer Intern. She is the founding Director of the Kundalini Festival Australia. She’s currently studying Sunchild Yoga, Gestalt therapy, numerology and breath work to expand her knowledge base and continue to uplift others in their journey.


Jai Inder Kaur
Kundalini Yoga Teacher
and Teacher Trainer

A dedicated student of consciousness, Jai Inder is inspiring in her courage to walk the path of destiny. She has been teaching Kundalini Yoga for 10 years in Asia, Australia and the Middle East and is now studying to becoming a Karam Kriya consultant and Level 1 Teacher Trainer

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She is the founder of Ajoonee, an organisation created to ‘bring balance to young lives’ and as a registered nurse she utilises the teachings of Karam Kriya and Kundalini Yoga in emergency and trauma centres throughout Melbourne.
Sat Ravi and Sirgun Kaur
Kundalini Yoga Teacher in Byron Bay

We have been practicing and sharing the technology of Kundalini Yoga for over a decade. We are accomplished teachers and together make a powerful team as Graceful Women. We believe that as women living in these challenging times it is 

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“our responsibility to elevate ourselves to a place where we can inspire others on a daily basis. The Dalai Lama said the world will be saved by the western woman and it is this belief that drives us to share these powerful feminine teachings. We teach women to harness their own unique gifts and find love, happiness, radiance and grace.
Maya Stange
Kundalini Yoga Teacher in Sydney

Maya received her KRI certification at Golden Bridge Yoga Los Angeles in 2004 with the renowned teachers Harijiwan Singh, Tej Kaur and Gurumukh Kaur. She is a qualified Khalsa Way pre-natal yoga teacher, a Y.O.G.A for Youth teacher, and a Laughter Yoga teacher. She has taught Kundalini Yoga in

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Los Angeles, Bali, Byron Bay and Sydney. After over a decade of practice, Maya is still blown away by the power of these teachings and is so grateful for the opportunity to share this technology for happiness with her community. Her classes are meditative and transformative, and feature a healing gong relaxation.
Sahib Singh
Kundalini Yoga Teacher & Teacher Trainer

Sahib Singh has been practicing and teaching Kundalini Yoga since 1992. With a background in martial arts and eastern philosophy, Stan fell in love with the power and beauty of Kundalini Yoga when a friend first took him to Sadhana (morning practice) twenty-three years ago.

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Since then he has ‘accepted the gift of thisamazing yoga practice and never looked back’. Stan believes that human beings have the right to know their true identity and he believes that this form of yoga is a perfect way of developing and nurturing an essential knowledge of oneself. His passion is to guide people using Kundalini Yoga and Meditation towards a deeper state of awareness and happiness, creating a profound effect on the quality of their day-to-day lives.
Mahanraj Imbrogno
Kundalini Yoga Teacher/ Teacher Trainer

Mahanraj Imbrogno, has had a keen interest in yoga from very young taking her first class at the age of 8 years old. The passion and love of yoga has grown since and continues to grow. It wasn’t until she took her first Kundalini Yoga class that she felt the desire to learn more and study this amazing yoga.

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“It was like where has this been, this is what I have been looking for”. Mahanraj is very passionate and loves to share her passion with others. She is teaching Kundalini Yoga at Ocean Shores in the Shire of Byron Bay in her beautiful studio. She is the Australian representative for the International College of Kundalini Yoga and organises Level 1 and Level 2 teacher trainings in the Shire of Byron Bay. She is an Associate proceeding to Professional Trainer with the Kundalini Research Institute. For further details: www.mahanraj.com or [email protected] 0414 355 715
Didar Kaur
Kundalini Teacher Trainer, Health Professional and Yoga Therapist

Didar Kaur is a Professional Teacher Trainer and feels very blessed to be able to assist, teach and mentor people from all walks of life to become Kundalini Yoga teachers throughout Australia over the last decade. She is a highly accredited health professional and yoga

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“therapist who specialises in assisting people with chronic health concerns to be well and happy. Didar is also the loving caretaker of Kundalini Books Australia.

Jai Ram Kaur Hergo
Kundalini Teacher Trainer and Numerologists

Jai Ram has been practicing Kundalini Yoga for 16 years and teaching for 10. She trained in Berlin where she also completed the 3 year Karam Kriya Applied Numerology Consultancy Training and the insights brought by the language of numbers have informed her teaching and life ever since.

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Since 2009 she has been back in Perth with her German-Australian family, teaching and helping grow the community there. Her passion is in bringing the timeless teachings of Kundalini Yoga into daily life in a real and authentic way. She is co-founder of Karam Kriya School Australia and is undergoing the journey of becoming a teacher trainer.


Balwant Singh
Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Teacher Trainer and Gong Therapist

Balwant Singh discovered Kundalini Yoga at White Tantric Yoga in 2010 in Sydney and realised the benefits of this ancient technology and became a teacher in 2012.  He has undergone gong training with two of the worlds foremost Gong teachers, Don Conreaux and

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Mehtab Benton and with this training Balwant is qualified as a Gong Therapist. He is also a Shiatsu and massage therapist.
Randeep Kaur
Kundalini Yoga Teacher, International Gong Therapist

Jaye Roberts (Randeep Kaur) is an International Gong Therapist who has trained and performed with Don Conreaux (US) and Aiden McIntyre (UK) since 2005. One of the leading players in Australia, she has performed with Bathed in Sound, Alchemy of

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Sound, Healing Hertz and regularly holds Sound Baths around Australia with her husband Chris under GongAura.


Curt Hannagan

Curt Hannagan has played music since he was 12. Over the years his connection to music became a passion that ultimately opened up professional opportunities. At 18 he was accepted into Russel Crowe’s South Sydney Rabbitoh’s Drum Squad that performed on the 

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ABC, Channel 9 and also to a sold out Homebush stadium. Curt is now producing music on the hang drum to create powerful soundscape journeys for meditation and healing. He also coordinates Full Moon Workshops at the Yoga Meditation Sound studio in Coogee and teaches the handpan privately.
Sun Hyland

Sun Hyland’s greatest musical passion is to create spaces that help make the joy of singing accessible to all. To him Kirtan is more than just singing, it is a practice that is deeply meditative, physically rejuvenating and often heaps of fun! Inspired by the likes of Krishna Das, Snatam Kaur

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andJai Uttal he brings together traditional mantras with a contemporary musical styles and original uplifting melodies. Over the last 5 years he has hosted chanting events and singing workshops at festivals and venues around Melbourne and also in Byron Bay, Bali and Thailand.
Shanti Sound

Michelle Byrne is a Multi-Instrumental Musician, Chantress, qualified Sound Therapist and Kundalini Yoga teacher based in South Australia. Yoga, meditation and music have woven their way through Michelle’s life since childhood and she loves to take people to divine and deep states

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through chanting, yoga and healing sound. Shanti Sound was born in 2011 after Michelle and her husband James honeymooned in Northern New South Wales, attending Ecstatic Chant Retreat with Deva Premal, Miten & Manose. This experience ignited a flame which is still burning brightly. Michelle has continued to deepen her practise of mantras through attending workshops with mantra and
kirtan artists including Jai-Jagdeesh, Jai Uttal, Dave Stringer, Krishna Das and many more. Recent performance highlights for Michelle include playing music with Sukha (LA) for Guru Singh’s class at Yoga West, Los Angeles in 2016, and joining Tina Malia (USA) at Byron Spirit Fest 2017. www.shantisound.com.au
Julia Williamson

Julia’s value as a vocal teacher is unique in that she draws equally from her professional stage experience of thousands of performances, which ranged from rock gigs in pubs, to lounge gigs in 5-star resorts, tapas bars, cafes and also cabaret & dancing shows throughout the 80’s & 90’s.

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As well as becoming a ‘Past Age Clearing & Healing’ Practitioner in 2003, whereby she gained extensive knowledge around healing our channel of expression from her own health issues that were manifested due to her not expressing her truth and living with fear-based beliefs.   In 2006 a fortunate meeting with vocal coach Richard Lawton clarified her direction and inspired Julia to start running singing groups so people could Sing …… just for the fun of it. Since founding VoiceJam in 2007 Julia has been running singing groups and giving private tuition for all ages to allow people to feel empowered, ‘LET GO’ and trust their own creative expression.



Catherine Comiskey

In March 2003, Catherine suffered significant injuries in a bicycle accident. The next 7 years involved rehabilitation through physiotherapy and in January 2010, to address ongoing chronic back and leg pain, she participated in her very first yoga class. For the next 6 months, she attended classes 4 times per week and 

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experienced first-hand the healing power of Kundalini Yoga. It was in January 2010 that Catherine first met Guru Dass Khalsa and, inspired to learn about and live true to yogic philosophy, she commenced teacher training under his tutelage in July of that year. She is now months away from completing level 2. In addition to being a yogi, Catherine is a guitarist and singer. It is a marriage made in the heavens: “Life has transformed, and this is in large part due to the power of mantra.   When sound, body and mind unite through mantra the experience is deeply philosophical: we get to explore the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence.”



Manjeet Dayal
Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Musician

Manjeet Dayal is on a mission to inspire love and wholeness. After experiencing a sequence of synchronistic events including a book titled Kundalini Rising and a disguised, ascended master on a bus she sought out the Kundalini Yoga Collective and has been practising there since. 

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She has recently completed her Level 1 Teacher Training and describes Kundalini yoga as a cosmic tool box that attunes you with you. Teachings that allow you to peal back the layers and align to your divine self, that infinite, creative potential that you are. When Manjeet Dayal isn’t on the mat she can be found frolicking as her creative alias Numinous Bloom. Her art is deeply inspired by the teachings and experiences of Kundalini Yoga.



Siri Shakti Kaur
Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Musician

Siri Shakti Kaur is a Kundalini Yoga teacher and drummer. For her the rhythm of the drum is a connection to the rhythm of the Universe. At the heart of the Universe is the beat of totality, the Infinite pulse. We vibrate this rhythm into the cosmos with mantra, meditation and the beat of the drum.

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Siri Shakti has been drumming for almost 20 years with a background in Middle Eastern Drumming. More recently she has brought the rhythm of the drum into the space of Kundalini Yoga through kirtan and trance drumming workshops, a journey into the primal pulse with Kundalini Yoga and Meditation and the rhythmic beat of the drum.



Sat Nam Rasayan Healing

Guru Devi
Biomagnetism Therapist and Sat Nam Rasayan Practitioner

Guru Devi is a Biomagnetism therapist, Sat Nam Rasayan practitioner, and Kundalini Yoga teacher. She often applies to her therapies a combination of the two dynamic healing tools that is Biomagnetism and Sat Nam Rasayan as well as advising her clients to adopt the practice of 

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food as medicine. Guru Devi hopes these practices will support her clients to live a happier, more wholesome and health conscious life. Her website: www.gurudevi.com.au and www.biomagnetismsydney.com.au
Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Kinesiologist and Sat Nam Rasayan Practitioner

Robbie is passionate about people living their full potential. She is excited about the growth in consciousness that Kundalini Yoga brings and also the felt sense of the Body, Mind and Soul coming into alignment. Her heart centred classes support her students to build their

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strength, students to build their strength, calm their minds and connect to the peace within. As an experienced Kundalini Yoga Teacher, practising Kinesiologist and Sat Nam Rayasan practitioner, Robbie sees herself as a facilitator for those wishing to deepen and expand their awareness and by coming within, live in their full radiance and vitality.
Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Sat Nam Rasayan Practitioner

Harsukh is a certified KRI Kundalini Yoga teacher and is dedicated to sharing ancient knowledge with the modern world. She has been sharing Kundalini Yoga to beginners, experienced yogis, meditators and to the corporate sector for nearly a decade. Within this period of time she 

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has mentored recent graduates from Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training programmes and a committee member of KYTANZ Teachers Association for over 5 year s and served as the Australian representative for the Global Teachers Council from 2010 – 2012. She is also one of a few Level 1 Sat Nam Rasayan practitioners in Australia. Harsukh is also an AHPRA registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner based in the beautiful Whitsundays, QLD.
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