Teachers & Trainers in Excellence: 

Unity, Service and Renewal

We are happy to once again have the Australasian Aquarian Teachers and Trainer’s forum connected to the Kundalini Yoga Festival Australasia. Held directly after this year’s Kundalini Yoga Festival at Ivory Rock, Monday 7 – Wednesday 9  October.

Each forum will be one evening and one day and we invite all teachers near and far to come together to replenish our collective spirit, build our teaching skills, create new relationships with fellow trainers and deepen existing relationships with our teaching community.



The Teachers Conference theme will be: “Our Identity as Kundalini Yoga teachers. It’s an opportunity to come together to identify our needs as a community of teachers here in Oz and in New Zealand”.

3pm Monday 7 October to 3pm Tuesday 8 October

$122 – $165


TRAINER’S FORUM: 8 & 9 October

The trainer’s forum is open to those Teachers in training registered with the Aquarian Training Academy (Interns and above)

The theme discussed will be around “Unity in service” and “What is trust? How do we develop, nurture and sustain trusting relationships?”.

We will learn what is needed to support open communication that allows authentic feedback among members of training teams and also within the broader trainer community. How can we reach out in service as Trainers to those who so need Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan® but do not have access to Teacher Training because of geographic or economic challenges?

In these uncertain and demanding times, we are being called upon to serve and deliver these teachings, which are more important than ever to serve humanity.

6pm Tue 8 October to 4pm Wed 9 October

$122 – $165


A snapshot of the program

The Teacher Trainers Forum is open to all trainers in the Aquarian Trainer Academy and all applicants.  The theme of this forum is “Culture, Community, and Communication”  The Forum will take place on October 8th and October 9th.   Hari Charn Kaur,  the KRI Director of Professional Development and Outreach will host the Forum along with the Australian Steering Committee of Balwant Kaur, Devpreet Kaur, Mahanraj Kaur, Manshant Kaur, and Didar Kaur.



The morning of the second day of the Forum is the celebration of the birthday of Guru Ram Das. There will be a special sadhana with participants gathering in the Amrit Vela for 2.5 hours of chanting the  Dhan Dhan Ram Das Gur.  This is a worldwide sadhana on this day.

The forum includes a class taught by Yogi Bhajan in 2000, updates from KRI in a zoom session with Amrit Singh, The Executive Director of The Aquarian Teacher and networking n a peer to peer meeting.


All forum workshop

The Culture of Direct Communication in the Academy:  Reframing Poke, Provoke, Confront and Elevate: Led by Tarn Taran Singh

One key principle that supports the culture of inclusion in the Academy is that direct non-judgmental communication is valued.  Yogi Bhajan gave us a formula to learn how to listen deeply and explore communication:  poke, provoke, confront and elevate. together we will explore how the compassionate application of this formula can strengthen our ability to serve students and teachers.


Elective Workshops 

Contract Administration Workshop – Balwant Kaur

This workshop will guide you through the administration process for KRI teacher training programs  including contract submission, royalty payments and student certification. Gain familiarity with online resources and become confident about using systems in the Trainer Portal to manage administration for all Level One, Level Two and 21 Stages programs.  This is required for all ATA members who are applying for Lead or for Professional and for those who do contract administration for their teams

Consciously Leading Rebirthing Workshops: Lessons Learned – Sirgun Kaur

This workshop is designed to share experiences yoga teachers have had in leading Rebirthing workshops based on the series of Rebirthing classes Yogi Bhajan taught in the late 80’s. We plan on sharing top tips based on our experiences. We hope to encourage others who have taught to share theirs.

The Hidden Challenges of Mentoring  and of being a Mentee – Sat Sarbat and Satmukh

What are the rewards of mentoring?  How much time does it take?  How can mentors promote a mutually respectful and fruitful relationship with mentees? What is the identity crisis of the mentor? What strategies have experienced mentors used? What are the responsibilities of the Mentee?  How does a Mentee self initiate into the academy and manage his/her development path. Using the New KRI Document “Effective Guidelines for Mentors and Mentees”

Anatomy and Physiology – Siri Bhagwati Kaur

Explore and experience creative methods of delivering this area of the curriculum.  Attendees will participate in an interactive presentation on how to keep students engaged in learning about Yogic and Functional Anatomy.  How to integrate the use of Kriya into this Unit of Study in a way that energises students.


Global Discussion

A time for trainers to discuss hot topics and topics that are important both globally and locally.  Below are some topics that have been discussed at Forums around the globe.  Participants will select the topics they want to discuss and choose the group they want to participate in which can include:

  • Diversity and Inclusion: How can every potential teacher and trainer feel welcomed in Teacher Training
  • Territorialism in Teacher Training
  • Students moving from one training team to another: Looking for the best deal?
  • Level Two Open Discussion on the redux
  • Trainer Development Series: Curriculum topics to support trainers moving through the Academy
  • Mentoring
  • Guiding principles and values of the Academy –
  • Boundaries and accountability of student-teacher relationship
  • Community Building: How to serve teachers after they certify L1 
Teachers Conference Schedule
3:15pmKriya & Meditation
4:15pmMeet & Greet
5pmKYTANZ & where we are heading
7:30pmYogi Bhajan Video
9:30amKriya & Meditation
11amBreakout Groups
2pmGroup Discussions
2:30pmFeedback & Closing Meditation