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Unity, Service and Renewal

For the first time ever, Australia and New Zealand will get to hold their very own Aquarian Teachers and Trainer’s forum. Held directly after this year’s Kundalini Yoga Festival at Mangrove Yoga, Monday 2- Wednesday 4th October.

Each forum will be one evening and one day and we invite all teachers near and far to come together to replenish our collective spirit, build our teaching skills, create new relationships with fellow trainers and deepen existing relationships with our teaching community.


TEACHER’S FORUM: 2nd-3rd October

The Teachers discussion theme will be: “Our Identity as Kundalini Yoga teachers. It’s an opportunity to come together to identify our needs as a community of teachers here in Oz and in New Zealand”. 

6pm Mon 2 October to 4pm Tue 3 October

$165 shared / $155 camping  

You can buy your Teachers Forum ticket with your Festival ticket 


TRAINER’S FORUM: 3rd-4th October

The trainer’s forum is open to those Teachers in training registered with the Aquarian Training Academy (Interns and above)

The theme discussed will be around “Unity in service” and “What is trust? How do we develop, nurture and sustain trusting relationships?”.

We will learn what is needed to support open communication that allows authentic feedback among members of training teams and also within the broader trainer community. How can we reach out in service as Trainers to those who so need Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan® but do not have access to Teacher Training because of geographic or economic challenges?

In these uncertain and demanding times, we are being called upon to serve and deliver these teachings, which are more important than ever to serve humanity.

6pm Tue 3 October to 4pm Wed 4 October

$185 triple room / $165 shared / $155 camping

You can buy your Trainers Forum ticket with your Festival ticket

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