A day at KYFA

 Rise up with Kyfa wake up team

4.30 – 7.30am         Live Sadhana (includes Guru Granth Sahib)

7.30 – 8.30am          Breakfast

9.00 – 10.30am         Festival meditation, check in, play seva

10.00 – 12.00pm        Mens workshop

10.45 – 12.00 pm       Workshops

12.15 – 1.15 pm          Lunch

1.30 – 3.30pm           All camp workshop

4.00 – 5.15pm          Workshop

5.30 – 7pm              Dinner

7.00 – 9.00pm           Evening programs

8.30 – 9.30pm          Gong

9.15 – 9.30pm           Kirtan Sohila

10.00pm                   Lights out 


The Kundalini Yoga Festival 2019 program offers plenty of opportunities to connect and dive deeper into your practice – but don’t forget to pace yourself, breathe and take in your surroundings too.

You can view the full program here and find the details of our workshops here.


Please check the program for details.  Sat Nam Rasayan is the healing space that connects us with each other – it is the space between ourselves and another. It is in the space between that the subtle art of this ancient healing technique occurs. Merge with the oneness of Shuniya, Zero, under the guidance of some of our most experienced SNR practitioners.


This is a wonderful opportunity for children to join you at the festival and enjoy outdoor activities, yoga, meditation, art and more. Please book early so we know how many children to cater for. If we have a large group we will break the group up into age categories for more customised programs.  We have some fabulous teachers already available to prepare and run the children’s camp. We are looking for volunteers to help run the camp so if you have expertise in any of these areas please email info@kundaliniyogafestival.com.au with your details and a short bio on your skills (1-2 paragraphs maximum). We welcome a diverse range of applicants (you must complete Working With Children Check). Sadhana will also be a community event. Children are welcome to join Sadhana each morning (we can set up a comfy cushion area for parents/carers and children). You can enjoy Sadhana with your little ones or have them sleeping next to you. If you wish to leave your children sleeping in their rooms/tents during Sadhana, please make your own arrangements for appropriate care. Children are also welcome at evening activities but please keep them safe with you.


This is an early morning practice, from 4.30am – 7am, done in the ambrosial hours before the sun rises. It’s optional but highly recommended as it’s a supportive, uplifting practice which sustains us during the challenging times of the Aquarian Age – hence the name Aquarian Sadhana. We begin the morning sadhana with the Japji – a morning prayer. This prayer balances earth and ether energy and strengthens the connections between the mental and physical bodies. Recited in Sikh spiritual language, Gurumukhi, it is often recited with alternating female and male voices. It’s very powerful! After Japji, we tune in with the Adi Mantra, Ong namo guru dev namo. The meaning is that we bow to the all-knowing teacher within and, in turn, ask the universal spiritual teacher to work through us. After tuning in, we continue with a Kundalini Yoga series which energizes the body, strengthens and balances the glands and tunes up our nervous system in preparation for meditation. After savasana (relaxation) we chant the series of Aquarian mantras. The mantras are seven music meditations practiced for 62 minutes and will be performed live at the festival. Live Sadhana is such a rare occurrence here in Australia and shouldn’t be missed! If you don’t already have a copy of the Aquarian mantras please download and print a copy from the 3HO website to bring with you to the festival. You can download a copy of Japji to print here: japji_sadhana. Children are welcome to join Sadhana each morning (we can set up a comfy cushion area for parents/carers and children). You can enjoy Sadhana with your little ones or have them sleeping next to you. If you wish to leave your children sleeping in their cabins/tents during Sadhana, please make your own arrangements for appropriate care. 


The festival Bazaar will be open on the Saturday and Sunday and offers you a central area to gather, hangout and browse for quality goods and services that support a yogic lifestyle. You will find music, books, yoga clothing and accessories, jewellery, healing services and much much more. Please note there is no reliable mobile or Wi-Fi connection at the venue. Most stallholders are likely to be cash only although some may be able to offer manual credit card transactions too. If you’re interested in becoming a stall holder please visit our Sponsor and Stallholder Info page.


CAFE – the festival “T-Bar” is your space to chill out.  The T-Bar will be serving herbal teas, home-made chai, Golden Milk and bliss balls.  All by suggested donation – so bring along some extra gold coins!

MEALS – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner is included in your festival ticket price.  The meals will be a full vegetarian menu and wherever possible we will cater for people with food intolerances or allergies.  The menu will consider you will be doing yoga so our lunch will be light but delicious.

You can let us know your dietary requirements when you purchase your ticket.


Each participant creates their own experience through seva, or service, which exalts ordinary work as an experience of the divine. In other words, when we serve we can reach a happier place. Our soul’s purpose here on earth is to help uplift and serve others. By participating in a Seva Team, you’re not only helping the festival and your community but you’re enriching your soul. You can also make new friends, create community, and elevate global consciousness by donating 1 -2 hours of your day to seva. So come join a seva team: meditate, grow and serve. You can register for a Seva Team when you purchase your ticket to the festival.

As our festival is a not for profit event run entirely by volunteers your contribution to the seva teams is really important to the success of this event. We humbly ask each ticket holder to perform a small amount of voluntary service towards the running of the festival.

SEVA (SERVICE) TEAM GATHERINGS – a time to come together with your seva team, bring you closer to the community connect and experience the festival community meditation. It will be the beginning of a 40-day meditation that you can take home with you.

More about Seva here


WAKE UP CALL – the Rise Up crew will gently wake the camp a half hour before Sadhana with instruments and singing.

HYDROTHERAPY (ISSNAAN) – Issnaan is a great way to start the day. Take a cold shower before Sadhana each morning. Having a cold shower in the early morning is a part of the yogic lifestyle – it oxygenates the organs, release toxins, flushes capillaries. It’s great for building resistance to colds, flu and hay fever, and also strengthens the nervous system to make you glow from the inside out. Check out the 3ho website for more info about the healing benefits of hydrotherapy.

BREAKS – please check the program for break times.  This is your free time to enjoy all the festival activities and explore the surroundings of Ivory’s Rock.

LIGHTS OUT – we ask that all evening activities, including the festival Bazaar, music, and personal activities end by 10pm and all lights out by 10.30pm. This allows some rest for those who would like to experience group Sadhana at 4.30am.