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An invitation to all Teachers: Unity, Service and Renewal Our Kundalini Yoga Festival starts this Friday 29th October!!

Now is your chance to join in the Kundalini Yoga Teachers & Trainers Forum. This is the first time a Teachers Forum has been offered in Australia /New Zealand.

The Teacher’s forum is a space for us to share as teachers, there will be an opportunity for us to share our challenges and support each other. We are opening a conversation and setting a frequency for the future. It is very exciting that all of these elements are taking place this year and we will all learn a lot together and from one another.

Held directly after this year’s Kundalini Yoga Festival at Mangrove Yoga, the forum will take place on Monday 2nd – Tuesday 3rd October.

The Trainer’s forum is for all Trainers members of the Aquarian Academy but it is open to all Level 1 teachers who are interested in becoming trainers.

Check out the program and get tickets here

We look forward to sharing this exciting event with you!

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