Seva for our teachers

Seva call out to support our teachers

As you book in to this year’s festival you may have seen some options of Seva (Selfless Service) when you registered. We are offering up the opportunity to serve the teachers facilitating the workshops being held at the festival. All teachers. Not just the International teachers. This Seva means that who ever is nominated to serve the teacher that is teaching a workshop – assists in setting up, making sure there is a drink, tea or a snack, standing by if anything is needed. It could also mean offering a flower on a sheepskin. A warm chai offered in Sadhana. A random act of kindness throughout the day. You could carry it on beyond the workshop time frame if you want. Seva is really the Gift that keeps on Giving.  This is an opportunity for teachers, students, and practitioners to understand the act of Seva.

To develop relationships.  To get to know people on a deeper level.  To have a ripple effect of Love throughout the Festival. If you are interested in being part of the Teachers Seva Team – please contact Har Kiret at with subject line TEACHERS SEVA.

Seva is the very essence of the festival theme this year. Yogi Bhajan teaches that the activation of the Kundalini starts at the navel center – the Third Chakra. The 3rd Dimension of Consciousness in the Mul Mantra – Kar – the one expresses itself through the entire creation. We build the lower triangle as a base for moving into the heart chakra. Guru Amar Das, the Third Guru, wrote the Anand Sahib, the Song of Bliss; it is a passage that shows us the joy of right action. The Journey of the (3) Seva/ Karam Kriya is:  Obey. Serve. Love. Excel.

Yogi Bhajan taught 3 Laws of Prosperity, which if put into practice will adjust your attitude completely.

1. Be kind to everyone. 2. Never speak ill of others. 3. Never speak ill of yourself.

The Evolution of Global Community

“Individuals Are The Bricks. A community is made of individuals. Each one is equally a cornerstone. Each one is of equal value. To say that no one is more important than any other is not to diminish the individual, rather it acknowledges, respects and includes all. We search for a place in the world where we can feel that we have some worth. Where we will be appreciated just as we are. We need an environment of non-judgmental acceptance in order to leave behind our shame and join others in building a new tomorrow. We are only really in community when we have enough self-esteem to include ourselves. The individual act of voluntary participation is the gem of humility that makes each individual rise up to take their place as keystones in the temple of human community.” – Shiv Charan Singh

Sat nam, Har Kiret [/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]

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