Karam Kriya

Karam Kriya Applied Numerology is a sister discipline of Kundalini Yoga. Wise ones through the ages including Guru Nanak, knew intimately the language of numbers – the most essential and universal language of all – as is evidenced in the Mul Mantra – a perfect blueprint of spiritual evolution.

We are creatures living governed by divine laws, and when we consciously agree and align ourselves with these and serve them, our lives begin to flower in love, destiny reveals and excellence results. A Karam Kriya consultation takes your date of birth as your own personal experience of the universal blueprint. Walking through a conscious conversation with the consultant, with the numbers guiding intuition, a kriya occurs – meaning an embodied experience that exhausts karma or brings a process to completion. On this walk, the numbers, undeniable, untrickable, integers with absolute integrity, serve as guides and signposts, with messages to be heard and revelations to be received.

About Karam Kriya

Karam Kriya was revealed by Shiv Charan Singh, a student of Yogi Bhajan. On meeting with Yogi Bhajan to tell him of his unfolding work Yogi Ji told Shiv Charan that the practice was called Karam Kriya. Yogi Ji also told Shiv Charan that he would write a book and teach Karam Kriya extensively around the globe. Today, this vision has been established throughout Europe, South America, Asia and Australia. Jai Inder and Jai Ram are trained consultants in Karam Kriya and represent this legacy through Karam Kriya Australia.

At this years festival you’ll be able to experience private consultations of this sister discipline in the beautiful settings of the festival grounds. You can book you session with Jam Ram and Jai Inder on arrival when you check in to the festival 4 October.

Individual Karam Kriya consultations are by donation. [/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]

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