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Participating in Seva, selfless service, is a beautiful part of our festival. This time is not so much about work, but about giving of our selves and creating community.

When you purchased your ticket you would have been given an opportunity to choose your seva (and if you haven’t got your ticket yet here’s some info to help you choose)

Here are some details of the different seva opportunities at this years festival.

Welcome and Registration Seva team are our friendly greeters who help festival participants register, provide programs, info about seva groups and direct them towards accomodation.

Kitchen Seva is the biggest seva crew with 3 teams for each meal. The prep team chops and prepared ingredients for the days meal. The serving team serves everyone for our main meals, langar style in the main Sadhana Tent. The clean and wash crew clean up the dishes and help kitchen staff after each meal.

Cleaning Seva teams make sure all our spaces are clean and ready fr the days activities. This includes cleaning yoga spaces, bathrooms and making sure pathways and other areas are clean and tidy. As we are a zero waste festival this may include checking that the right stuff is going in the right bins too.

Teachers Seva is looking after our teachers. There’s a team for the international teachers and one for the Aussie teachers too. These teams make sure teachers have all they need to present their workshops, like having water handy and anything else they need.

Musicians Seva is a bit like Teacher Seva, making sure the musicians have all they need to share their beautiful music and support the teachers.

Luggage and Parking Seva team will be supporting people to get their luggage to their accomodation and organising parking around the accommodation and camping area.

Bump In / Bump Out Seva teams are available early Friday and afternoon Monday for set up and pack up. Would be a great team for people local to the Ipswich/Brisbane region or those staying fro the Teachers Conference.

Transport Seva team organises getting our international and interstate teachers and guests to the festival and back to the airport after the event.

Bazaar Seva team supports our wonderful stallholders in the bazaar.

Rise Up Seva team provides a gentle wake up to get everyone up and ready to join Sadhana at 4:30am. This is a great one for musicians as we will be singing and playing the Rise Up song as we wind our way through the accommodation areas.

Communications Seva team relays messages to the whole festival about what is happening next, announcements and important information.

First Aid Seva is about being available to provide fist aid if it’s needed. If you have a background in health and/or a current first aid certificate then we would love you to join this team.

Kidalini Seva is for parents and others who would like to share some skills, talent or just lend a bit of support to make this festival an amazing experience for all the kids

T-Bar Seva team spend some time serving in the T-Bar making sure there’s plenty of goodies that can be purchased between meal times. [/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]

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