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Kundalini Yoga Festival Australia

Sat nam and welcome all, 


Wow, what a year it has been since we were last together. A challenging time for some of us, others a blessing and yet each of us uniquely affected in some way. This time has also created an opportunity to shine light into the shadows, to let go of the old beliefs and reveal new truths. Often where there is an ending, there is new beginning. Like the winter before the spring, and new life emerges. Here at the festival we believe something new is taking shape in our kundalini community. We feel the rise of a new energy, with a clearer more transparent and inclusive vision. We believe it’s time for clarity, connection, and compassion and service.  


With these words in our hearts, we’ve created a one day virtual festival. It’s a chance to come together, a time to share, a day of community, love and deep healing.


We welcome you all, all persons of all colour, all races, all disability, all ages, and all genders. We bow to the traditional people of mother earth, and pray that we are open enough to be guided by her wisdom and still enough to listen.

The Kundalini Yoga Festival Team.




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