Here’s a list of some suggested items to bring. A Tent Set Up team and Luggage Crew will be available to help you on arrival. To assist with our aim to make this an environmentally friendly event we ask that you take all of your belongings home with you at the end of the festival too.

PLEASE NOTE: Daylight savings time starts Sunday, October 1 at 2am. Please remember to turn your clock 1 hour forward before you go to bed on Saturday, September 30. As there is no mobile reception in Mangrove Mountain your phone won’t be updated automatically which means you will have to do this manually.


1. Linen (bottom sheet, top sheet, pillowcase, blanket) – please note there is linen hire available at the venue, if you haven’t already hired some you will need to bring your own please.

2. Warm clothes for morning and evenings plus an additional blanket or shawl, as it’s possible in October we may still be experiencing cooler mornings and evenings – it might come in handy for the early morning Aquarian Sadhana and the outdoor workshops too. Be prepared to keep warm!

3. Camping ticket holders: Tent, sleeping bag and sleeping mat/bed.  Please keep your camping equipment to a minimum as you will need to carry it with you while in transit to/from the venue.  You will not require any cooking equipment as all meals are included in your festival ticket.  Campers in vans will be allocated a special parking area.  A Tent Set Up team and Luggage Crew are available to assist on arrival at the venue

4. A small torch, particularly for campers, but also handy to help read the Japji during the early morning Sadhana at 4.30am

5. Mosquito repellent, bathers and sunscreen – so you can enjoy the river for swimming in the early mornings or evenings and during breaks

6. Toiletries, bath towel

7. Yoga mat and/or sheepskin

8. Comfortable clothes for practicing yoga – a head covering too to keep you grounded while meditating and if you have some comfy whites to wear bring them along but it is not essential

9. Water bottle – there will be filtered water available for refills. Please be water conscious.

10. To save the environment, and working towards one day making our event waste free. We encourage you to please bring your own mug, bowl and cutlery

11. A copy of the Japji and Aquarian mantras for morning Sadhana. If you don’t already have a copy of these you can download and print the Japji from here (includes English translation) and the Aquarian mantras from the 3HO website – there will be some copies of these available at the festival but unfortunately due to printing costs we are unable to provide a copy for everyone.

12. All the main stages are under cover but you may still wish to bring some wet weather gear to get around in the rain just in case. Up to date weather forecasts are available from the Bureau of Meteorology website.

13. If you plan on bush walking you may wish to bring a pair of walking/running shoes.

14. If you plan on doing some shopping at the festival Bazaar you will need to bring some cash as you won’t be able to pay for any items using EFTPOS or credit card.  Most stallholders will be cash only although some may accept manual credit card transactions.  Please keep any valuables, including cash, on you at all times.

15. There is no WI-FI or mobile phone coverage at Mangrove Yoga Ashram.  We encourage you to leave your phones, cameras, laptops or any other similar equipment at home but if you really feel the urge to bring any of these items please know that you do so at your own risk.  There will be a comms centre where you can make/receive emergency calls.

Taking care of yourself

With over 20 workshops, Sadhana, yoga, meditation, live music, outdoor activities, healings, catching up with old and new friends and expanding your consciousness, things may get a bit overwhelming. So please pace yourself, drink lots of water, eat well, and take naps if you need to rest. There will be a First Aid area where you can go and get support if you need it. The Info and Comms Centre will be located near the First Aid area and is another place for additional support.


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