Whether you’re camping or staying in one of the shared rooms, you’ll find yourself immersed in the beautiful surrounds of Mangrove Yoga. Below is some initial info about the venue and accommodation options. We’ll update this page with more info soon.


ashramcollageWe are excited to offer our 2017 Kundalini Yoga Festival Australia event at the Mangrove Yoga, a residential yoga centre based on ashram principles. Mangrove Yoga is traditional place of learning for yoga and other spiritual disciplines. It is a place where one can spend time away from the usual distractions of daily life and focus on understanding one’s own experience and purpose in life. As part of the experience and aligned with the teachings of Kundalini Yoga, all festival participants will be expected to participate in seva (service).

Please keep your belongings to a minimum and don’t bring additional food  (unless you have food allergies which restricts your intake of food at Mangrove Yoga).


Three wholesome and delicious meals are served each day, along with a T-Bar serving chai and snacks all day.

Meals are vegetarian, and the kitchen uses a wide variety of high-quality, all-natural ingredients to offer nutritionally sound and tasty meals. Fresh salad greens, herbs and other vegetables are provided daily from the ashram’s own vegetable garden. The ashram asks all meals are accepted gracefully during your stay. This also avoids placing unnecessary pressure on kitchen staff and resources. If you have special dietary requirements you can let us know when you buy your ticket.


camping-landsWe really encourage you to camp, get out there and connect to the earth.  There will be one main camping area in a central location to the festival. For those who like a more rustic camping experience there are other camping options further up the hill nearer to bushland, with amenities nearby.

If you are from NSW and would like to camp you will need to bring your own tent and sleeping items.  You won’t need to bring much else in terms of camping equipment as all food is provided.

In 2017 we’re excited to invite you to bring your own van for camping in too!

There will be a Tent Set Up seva team and Luggage crew to assist you when you arrive. More details will be published here soon.

Tents can be hired by participants from Interstate and overseas.


Room accommodation is shared between 3-5 people.  In addition there will be one shared room of 20 beds for mothers and children. There are showers and toilets located in a central block close to the rooms. There is a choice of Unisex or male or female only room accommodation available.  Please indicate your preference when purchasing your ticket.  Children under 16 can be accommodated in any lodge with their parent or guardian.


Showers and toilets: there are toilet and shower facilities conveniently located throughout the ashram.  Please make every effort to conserve water and be mindful of water usage.

Drinking water: the water available at Mangrove Yoga meets international standards for drinking water.

Zero waste: we aim to make this event a zero waste event and are working towards that goal. There will be recycling bins at the venue.  We also encourage you to think about your impact on this precious earth, and please don’t leave anything behind when you go. Whatever you bring, please make sure to take it back with you.


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