Our 2019 theme is connected to the Fire element


“Saints and sages have taught mankind that whatever elements are found in the constitution of the Infinite Universe will also be found in the human body.  The Universe is the entire Cosmos; and we are a microcosm of the entire Cosmos.  If we were to take a thimble full of sea water and examine it closely, we would find by chemical qualitative analysis that the constituents of the sea water in the thimble are identical to those of the vast ocean. Similarly, the constituents of our individual bodies are identical to those of the Universe. It would be a strange finding if some element were found inside the human body which differed from the elements of the Universe. For there is one Creator who has created this Creation, and all manifested things are born from the one source of all.” Yogi Bhajan


Everything in nature is made up of five basic elements: earth, water, fire, air, and space. Knowledge of the five elements allows the yogi to understand the laws of nature and to use yoga to attain greater health, power, knowledge, wisdom and happiness. This arises out of deep intuition of how the universe operates.

From the formless manifold Being that is the Infinite to the dense form of finite existence there is a process of manifestation that moves from most subtle to the gross and tangible. This transition occurs in 36 steps or tattvas. Each step or tattva is a state of Being. This October we celebrate our third Kundalini festival and the third tattva by igniting ourselves with the Fire element.

Fire is a major step in that process and as such is a pervasive potential, which manifests in differing degrees. Fire as an element encodes a transformative function inherent in the universe, which is experienced in particular functions throughout the body. Fire gives light. Light enables vision. Vision gives insight, perspective and projective potency. The fire element is the light of our soul — Spirit manifested in our physical being. The purpose driving the fire element is to awaken our consciousness and to shine our light. In terms of chakras, it is associated with the Third Chakra, the Manipura Chakra, (yellow) or often represented as an upward pointing triangle (red).

Fire is an important element in the philosophy of yoga. In the finite world of forms, fire is fed by fuel. Physiologically, it is the power of digestion and food is its fuel. Emotionally, it is passion and the fuel is the object of love or desire. It is also known as personal will and the fuel is a goal. When fire is present it induces dynamic change, restlessness, and purification of the substance and form it presides in. Fire is increased with the practice and discipline of yoga. In Kundalini yoga we know that the Fifth Chakra supports this internal flame through the power of projection. When we charge the space, we can use the fire to burn with potential. The festival workshops will be focussing on creating a change to transform the fire energy to purify the self.

Our personality is dependent on which of the five gross elements predominates in our nature. The agni‐ granthi, or fire center, manifests through the spleen, liver, pancreas, and adrenal glands. All the festival meals will be created and cooked with spices of spring, pungent foods, peppery vegetables to support the digestive fire not weigh it down. Clove water on an empty stomach is great for firing up the digestive system. Namo Dev from Melbourne will be sharing her Ayurvedic wisdom on the scared fire of the agni chakra.

People who are dominate in fire – the agni tattva are very vigorous, full of perseverance, and become untiring workers. They have a wonderful capacity for leadership and a directness of manner and speech. When the fire element is strong and integrated, in balance with the personality, it gives one bright eyes. The light of the soul is shown in the healing glance of the saint.

As we move toward the Aquarian shift we invite this quality of insight, will and leadership. The festival meditation (HAR HAREE HARAY WAHEE GURU) we will be sharing together uses the three parts of HAR, the seed, flow and completion unto the ecstatic infinity of the universe. It’s a meditation to engage the fire element and invoke the projective power of the chakras, from the Third and Fifth Chakras. The mantra refines the use of light, fire and truth (satya) in the mantra. With our commitment, clarity and purity, we can deliver our heart and soul to a future of peace. If we can ride this fire of experience with will power, balance and grace we can burn through our fears and begin to live a full life as our true Self. This fire will rise us up to our highest destinies, so we can truly enjoy life as spiritual warriors.

When the fire is in its unconscious form, the fire element can be the most demanding and potentially our most destructive impulse. Unconscious fire expresses as frustration, anger and rage, which seed revenge, righteousness, and violence. Untamed and undirected fire expresses as automatic impulses that fuel compulsive and random behaviors. Unconscious fire ignites and feeds off of drama and conflict.

Equally devastating can be the lack of fire. This is when we become depressed, lifeless, hopeless, self-degrading and give up on ourselves and life. There’s just not enough juice to take action. Motivation to change is almost impossible. The blessings of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation is that it offers us techniques to awaken and transform our fire energy. This year’s festival we will harness the fire energy from the navel, ignite the will power, raise the life force and auric radiance so we can awaken the heart to express our passion for life.

Our 2017 theme was connected to the Water Element.  


Obey (Self) – Serve (All) – Love (Unconditional) – Excel (Be You)

Through our collective intention we planted the seed into the earth, its now time to water that seed. Time to OBEY – divine self, Serve – all, LOVE – unconditional, Excel – be YOU. It is time to balance the second body – the mind, and commit to the higher self to create a new worldview. Its time to move from finite to the infinite, from me to we. Together we redefine our experience, our relationships and the world we live in.

Our 2015 Theme was connected to the Earth element

Our first festival reflected the spirit of the community (sangat) coming together to create the change we wish to see in the world. It represents the planting of the transformational seed of the sangat in the earth. The earth connotes abundance, prosperity and support, which are nourished by the trust and love of the earth tribe.

The seed – the masculine – inspires action, movement, commitment and creation. The soil – the feminine – reminds us that we are supported and nurtured, that we have never been separate, that we can move from me to we: that the sangat is here for us.

We want to start with a base on which we can build a solid foundation

We want to start with a base on which we can build a solid foundation


It is the time

Our first festival slogan ‘It is the Time’ was a call to grounded action, indicating that this is the time to come together as a community to build a stronger foundation with the loving commitment of all members.

It is the time to set intentions for a new beginning. It is the time to commit, to participate, to nourish, to seed growth. It is the time to be ourselves, to stand for who we are, to contribute from a place of truth, and to create the solid foundation from which to evolve in mind, body and spirit, for the benefit of all.