Our 2017 theme was connected to the Water Element.  

Obey (Higher Self) – Serve (All) – Love (Unconditional) – Excel (Be You)

Through our collective intention we planted the seed into the earth, its now time to water that seed. Time to OBEY – Higher self, Serve – all, LOVE – unconditional, Excel – be YOU. It is time to balance the second body – the negative mind, and commit to the higher self to create a new worldview. Its time to move from finite to the infinite, from me to we. Together we redefine our experience, our relationships and the world we live in.

2015 Kundalini Yoga Festival Australia Theme

Our first festival reflects the spirit of the community (sangat) coming together to create the change we wish to see in the world. It represents the planting of the transformational seed of the sangat in the earth. The earth connotes abundance, prosperity and support, which are nourished by the trust and love of the earth tribe.

The seed – the masculine – inspires action, movement, commitment and creation. The soil – the feminine – reminds us that we are supported and nurtured, that we have never been separate, that we can move from me to we: that the sangat is here for us.

We want to start with a base on which we can build a solid foundation

We want to start with a base on which we can build a solid foundation

It is the time

Our festival slogan ‘It is the Time’ is a call to grounded action, indicating that this is the time to come together as a community to build a stronger foundation with the loving commitment of all members.

It is the time to set intentions for a new beginning. It is the time to commit, to participate, to nourish, to seed growth. It is the time to be ourselves, to stand for who we are, to contribute from a place of truth, and to create the solid foundation from which to evolve in mind, body and spirit, for the benefit of all.