The aim of the festival is to inspire, elevate, and awaken people to the power of Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan. Through Kundalini Yoga, meditation, music, vegetarian food and Australian and international teachers, Kundlaini Yoga Festival Australia will become a platform to strengthen and grow happier and healthier communities here in Australia and in New Zealand.

As far as we know Kundalini Yoga Festival Australia is the only event of it’s kind in Australia to offer a 3 day festival experience all about yoga, meditation, community and healthy living. Aligned with our vision to create a socially inclusive event, the tickets are offered at an affordable rate to enable more people to attend. In addition to accessing the entire festival program, your festival ticket includes all food and accommodation.

The festival organising entity, Kundalini Yoga Festival Australia Incorporated, is a NSW Government registered not-for-profit association run by volunteers.  We are a group of passionate and dedicated yogis committed to sharing the amazing teachings of Kundalini Yoga with more people down under.  All members of the organising committee are internationally certified Kundalini Yoga teachers.  Our professional background spans more than 30 years across the entertainment, corporate and not for profit sectors.

To help reduce our festival running costs we are also drawing on the skills and expertise of pretty much everyone we know and they are donating their time for free (and with love) – so far this has included the design of our logo and marketing material and our website. In addition we are saving money on staff costs since all of our festival staff are volunteers. We are also using an existing Australian and global network of Kundalini Yoga teachers and students to spread the word about the festival and increase participation and support. Underpinning all of these strategies is a trust in ourselves and our community that together we can make this happen.